The 16 Most Popular Exterior Photos on Houzz This Year

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The 16 Most Popular Exterior Photos on Houzz This Year

Every year Houzz tallies up the most popular exterior photos that have been saved in order to give those that are interested a sense as to where design trends are headed. This list shows us a wide range of architectural styles and a look through the most popular exterior photos added to the site in 2017 does show a common thread: Each has a thoughtful design that responds to its surroundings. Take the time to review these and perhaps you will find a design style that you like more than the others.

Article, images and some text from Houzz.

1. Farmhouse Style
This was the most popular exterior image on Houzz in 2017. With its welcoming front porch, traditional lanterns, barn-style garage doors and inviting front sidewalk, it’s easy to see why it’s a house so many of us want to visit and maybe even move right into.

2. Modern Farmhouse
Modern farmhouse style often incorporates other styles. This one has a few Craftsman details as well, like the open sleeping porch on the third floor and the deep overhang above the front door. This home also incorporates the modern farmhouse move of mixing natural wood with crisp white siding. This is often repeated on the inside of a modern farmhouse, where elements like reclaimed wood mantels, ceiling beams and countertops provide a warm contrast to crisp white walls. This home was built in Calgary Alta.

3. Prairie-Inspired Landscape
Metal roofs, gables, board and batten siding and front porches are elements commonly seen in today’s modern farmhouse style. Here, the X pattern on the fences and beautiful stone wall detail around the porch enhance the look. But my favourite part is the prairie-inspired landscaping across the driveway, where they planted wheat-like grasses and wildflowers instead of turf.

4. Waxing Nostalgic
In case you were wondering, the top five most popular new photos of exteriors were all of modern farmhouses this year. With its front porch and wrap-around covered deck, it’s easy to see why this farmhouse style is so popular these days:

5. Farmhouse Style for Today
Photos from this dreamy new farmhouse-style house are popping up in many of the most popular categories on Houzz. This home also has many popular farmhouse elements: covered deck and porch, big gables and brackets for support, period detailing on the garage door and rooms built into the roof structure.

6. Craftsman Cottage
It seems Houzzers were very glad that this Austin, Texas, neighbourhood had strict historic preservation requirements. Because of them, the front of this 1925 Craftsman-style cottage was preserved during a major renovation and addition. Painting it black with white trim and a cheery red door gave it an update, as did a cohesive terrace, planters and sidewalk.

7. Wooded Setting
Nestled in between a meadow and hillside, the beautiful wood on this contemporary home in South Carolina plays nicely off the hardwoods of the forest behind it. Expansive windows reflect the surroundings.

8. Geometry in the Landscape
This contemporary home shows what a big difference the right garage doors can make, especially when those doors face the street, as they often do. Here they resemble Japanese shoji screens and play off other windows and proportions on the facade and landscaping.

9. Outdoor Cinema
This grand house in India follows the design principle of WOW! It has many exciting features including a movie projecting across the pool onto the wall. Lots of glazing, transparency to outdoor areas on the ground floor and mixing of materials all come together to give it “panache”.

10. Warm Contemporary
A handful of contemporary homes made a strong showing on the Most Popular list. While there was once a common misconception that contemporary styles equalled cold and sterile exteriors, contemporary fans know that could not be further from the truth. Note the way the large windows, balcony and patio blur the lines between indoors and out. Different parts of the facade are articulated in a range of materials, giving the house loads of personality.

11. Houses Unlike Any Other
The organic architecture of the Wave House had many people surfing through all it’s photos. Swooping curves mark the iconic house, designed by architect Michael Carmichael in the 1970s. A recent Houzz Tour explores the recent renovation of the home by a new owner, who embraced its beautiful roots while giving it an update.

12. Classic Modernism
This home in the Noosa Heads beach area of Queensland, Australia, has classicInternational Style with its flat roof, floor-to-ceiling glass facade and straight lines. The architecture is a wonderful contrast to the lush tropical plantings surrounding it.

13. Movable Charm
Some time ago I posted a blog on Tiny Houses and this particular one was included in it. Tiny Homes have a following all their own and the lifestyle that goes with them. Tiny home sizes range in size from about 150 to 400 square feet, often on wheels for mobility when desired. This tiny house’s appealing Craftsman style made it the most popular one on Houzz this year. The metal roof, Western cedar siding, tiny gabled front porch, deck and outdoor shower all add to its charm.

14. Ready for Fun
This home in Dewey Beach, Delaware, not only had to boost up a story but also had to conform to a narrow lot.
Beautiful large windows, and details like the overhang and the window box and balcony, respond to the town’s walkable, social atmosphere.

15. The Magic of Threes
This house is in the Low Country but did not need to be popped up quite so high as the one below. The appeal of its Low Country style is easy to appreciate. The proportions of the porch and its grand staircase mitigate the height from the ground up to the main level. As for style, good things come in threes here — three beautiful sets of mahogany French doors, three lovely lanterns and three dormers for windows.

16. A Stylish Response to Extreme Weather
The destruction caused by the major weather events over the past decade is making an impact on home design. Housing in many areas needs to be more resilient in the face of fire, earthquakes, hurricanes or flooding. In some flood-prone areas, it can be hard to obtain insurance with livable spaces at the ground level. Many building bylaws mandate a higher than normal finished floor elevation to overcome this. This South Carolina house design handled this potentially awkward requirement with such aplomb it made the top 20 most popular photos of the year, likely based on looks alone. The front porch, dormer windows, cedar shingles, double-sided staircase and railings are a recipe for inviting Southern charm.










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