ARKUP – Sustainable Design & Solar Power Drives Innovative Floating Home

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October 13, 2017
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ARKUP – Sustainable Design & Solar Power Drives Innovative Floating Home

Have you ever considered living on the water? A Miami company has raised the bar by combining luxury with sustainability for floating homes.

For over 20 years I owned a mid-sized power boat which was moored in a number of marinas around the coast, the last 5 years in Blaine, USA, just across the border from White Rock. Nancy and I loved using it as a floating cabin, 35 minutes from home and light years away from the daily grind. Prior to moving to the Okanagan, we researched buying a much larger boat, 50-60 feet, and living on it but the economics and lack of available moorage worked against that choice. However, the siren’s call of living on the water still is there and that is what drew me to this subject. Still in the early stages, this floating home has many great features and combines houseboat living with transportability.


The developer of this gorgeous floating home, ARKUP, unveiled their “Next Generation’s Floating House”  in October this year.  ARKUP, the “avant-garde life on water” company, presented its state of the art fully electric and self-elevating livable yacht concept at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, one of the largest boat shows in North America.

Floating homes are popular choices of living in many parts of the world, in particular, US West Coast cities, southern states, the Netherlands, as well as South-East Asia. Here in B.C. there are floating home “villages” in many areas of our province, including the notable Canoe Pass Village in Ladner. Floating homes are one answer in the battle to overcome flooding and rising sea levels. They can also offer a key solution to urban growth and space scarcity. Offering a unique lifestyle and a connection with nature within a metropolitan area also naturally attracts more and more people.

With the “launch” of this model, ARKUP raises the bar for luxury floating homes by bringing to market its “à la carte” product for upscale buyers bringing major innovations to a simple concept making this off-grid “blue dwelling” a one-of-a-kind vessel to enjoy 365 days a year! The  ARKUP is unique with electric propulsion to address mobility and automated hydraulic jack-up system to ensure comfort and heavy weather resilience.

To achieve its sustainability objectives, ARKUP is designed to be environmentally friendly, powered by solar energy, uses no fuel, has zero emissions, is equipped with waste management, rainwater harvesting and purification systems. These livable yachts can be totally “off-the-grid.” ARKUP’s livable yacht provides comfort and luxury in total independence and allows enjoying breathtaking views of wherever they are moored. Designed by a renowned naval architect, this floating home combines Dutch maritime tradition with French art-de-Vivre, smart design, and high-quality materials with cutting edge home automation technologies.

It’s a nice generous plan with four bedrooms that can easily sleep eight people. But should there be a requirement, it can be subdivided into smaller units for multiple families and be floated inland to where the water will be shallow enough for the pontoons to reach the shore or a dock is available.

You can “live ecologically “while being self-sufficient with water and electricity. Enjoy living off-the-grid and feel the satisfaction of minimizing your carbon footprint.

You don’t need to worry about getting seasick either; unlike a boat, it has four “spuds”, 40 foot long hydraulic legs that that can stabilize or even lift the home right out of the water. But if the neighbours get noisy there are 2 136 horsepower electric thrusters that can move you somewhere else at 7 knots.

It has so much green goodness; 30 kW of solar panels, 1,000 kWh of lithium-ion batteries and high-grade insulation. There is a rainwater collection system and a “marine sewage device”.

No matter the weather conditions, high winds, surge and floods are no longer an issue thanks to this self-elevating system. Arkup represents a new way of living on the water, making you feel 100% safe and protected.

The developers of ARKUP advises their product has multiple uses including the primary residence or floating vacation home. Their very livable yachts can be modified to multi-purpose use: promotional or event venue, restaurant, gym, you can even turn it into a spa! Although ARKUP’s livable yachts are now primarily designed for the specifics of Florida and Miami waters, they are adaptable worldwide to the local context.

ARKUP  introduced its innovative concept to the public at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. The company is also looking to develop floating communities and looks forward to connecting with potential partners such as marina owners and developers at the show.


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