Dramatic Modern Farmhouse With Stunning White and Black Interior

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April 15, 2017
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May 8, 2017
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Modern Farmhouse interiors are not going away any time soon. With one of the most popular shows on HGTV, Fixer Upper, designing interiors that harken back to simpler times, or to times we thought were more simple, the success of this show is driving the increased interest in this genre of interiors. Whenever I post any project  that Chip and Joanne have designed and built, I get a big bump in viewers. BUT, if you are looking for a Fixer Upper clone with this project, you will be surprised with where the builders of this home have taken it. It is a modern farmhouse style but with a great deal more sophistication. All designs and photos by Clarke & Co.

This 5 bedroom home, built by Clark and Co. from Boise, Idaho is simply gorgeous. While the exterior design is fit for any suburban subdivision, the interior is what makes this home sparkle.  Using a basic set of interior design elements, the interior designer for this project has given a lesson on how to implement a very exciting, casual and warm interior by mixing and matching these elements through out the home. Yes, the elements are basically the same but when interchanged they give a depth and continuity to the interior without it being boring at all. This home won the 2016 Boise Idaho Parade of Homes and I can easily see why.

The exterior of the home has all the requirements of an upper end quality home. The front elevation has a welcoming street visage and the rear of the home, with the covered patio, outdoor fireplace and swimming pool would make a great playground for any family.

The interior of the home is made up from recurring elements: Light wood, white walls and trim and black accents.

You enjoy this experience right from the front entry. Light wood flooring, white walls and black window and door. The handrail picks up the black and the stair runner mimics it again.

The mix and match of these design elements re-occurs throughout the home. Again we see the wood floors with the ceiling beams echoing the floor. The black is picked up in the windows, the metal on the table, the chairs  in the dining area, the light fixture and the clock.

This view shows all these elements again, with wood mantle, black rims on the lamp shades, the toss pillows and knick knacks on the shelving. If you look at the image here and the previous one, you can see the cross buck style of the cabinet doors.

In this view, you see it all again, reinforced by the black and white striped rug,

In the dining area, the black chairs give dramatic effect, the French pick this up again and the kitchen cabinets match. For a twist, the tin ceiling is there.

The black cabinets juxtaposed against the white sub way tile are dramatic. Notice how the cross buck detail is picked up again on the gable if the island and again in the upper cabinets.

The pantry continues with the program.

White cabinets, black counter and white shelving. It’s the kitchen in reverse.

In this room we see all the elements again, but with  different flooring, which I really like. There is the cross buck gable detail.

Another view of this room

This bathroom is simple but well done.

This back entry has some great details. I really like the cross buck barn doors on the closet.

This spot has a simple but very effective built-in. I am building something similar for the entry in our home.

I do not know what this room is but….it looks great including the Dutch doors.

Obviously a child’s bedroom, the designer went for a splash of colour. Notice the desk and built in shelving.

This room has a day bed and table and chairs for “tea”. Note: recessed built-in cabinets.

Steps up to a daybed with built-in shelving

This is the only room that seems to be a “miss”. Couch undertone does not match the carpet.

Interesting black framed shower door. Copper fixtures.

Simple but very nice. Note the hexagon tile floor and copper colour fixtures.

The pink adds some pop to this room.

Another twist with the black? ceiling. I wonder if the numbers up on the wall are the number of kids they have. There are LOTS of bedrooms in this house.

Another bath using the same basic elements. Simple but very good. Notice the clerestory windows above the mirror and shiplap siding  on the wall. Copper fixtures and black counter.

A bedroom large enough for a sitting area and lots of windows.

Another bathroom. Another twist. No fighting for space here.

Another view in perspective.

Black fixtures and white counter top.

Lots of space to sit and hang out.

The builders of this home and their team have done a fabulous job of creating a family home that has style and comfort. I have enjoyed bringing this to you.



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