What is e-Design

What is e-Design? e-Design is an alternative to traditional full design in that it allows for a decreased level of service which in turn results in a more affordable cost. e-Design is different to the traditional way of hiring a designer for full range of services since everything is delivered to you via email.

We offer online design services and packages regardless of your location or budget. This exciting design experience is a semi do-it-yourself design and decorating solution that provides you with a master plan for creating a professionally designed space or an entire home that you can implement at your own speed. e-Design typically assists a design savvy client who is willing to perform an amount of the work themselves but also realizes they do not have the industry knowledge or experience that would keep them out of trouble.

Experience can sometimes be defined as the sum total of all the mistakes one has made. Working with a designer provides the client with a safety net and also broadens the variety and quality of materials available.

How Does It Work?

  1. We will send you a questionnaire you complete that describes the area you wish to upgrade. This will give us an overview of the what you are trying to accomplish and what your budget is. When you have completed the form, return it to us along with further information such as inspirational images, room dimensions, pictures and items you have found you wish to be included.
  2. When we have received the completed information from you, we will send you a quotation which details the work to be performed by each party and including what the cost and time frame will be.
  3. A retainer for a portion the design fee would need to be paid by the client at this time. The balance would be due upon completion. Payment would be by PayPal or credit card.
  4. Here is where we get to work on your project. We will present you with our ideas and with some discussion, complete the design. This would include all the pertinent information, some of which could be a colour board, space plans and specifications. One revision, if required, would be included.
  5. This allows you to finalize your plans and implement the design at your own pace. Typical Projects for e-Design. Although a complete home could be done via e-design, this program is best suited for smaller projects. These could include but not restricted to:
  • Space planning. We work with computer aided design software, so emailing PDF drawings is quick and easy.
  • Paint colour consultation and/or fabric choices
  • Material selection - flooring – carpet, hardwood, tile
  • Furniture
  • Lighting and light fixtures
  • If you are looking for that sort of relationship with the firm that will be crucial your project, then give us a call; we want to hear what you have to say, to listen to what your plans are and we wish to be a part of your journey.