Fabulous Waterfront Farmhouse Vacation Home in Vermont.

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March 10, 2017
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Waterfront  home, located at Lake Fairlee, Vermont, Architect: Smith and Vansant Photography: Rob Karosis

I have long been a fan of the farmhouse style of home and was that way before Chip and Joanna Gaines made the style popular. Perhaps it was the summers that my mother shipped me off to my Grandparent’s wheat farm in Saskatchewan that engrained the casual easiness of life there. That easiness, however, usually came at the end of a long, long day. #summerfallowing #patchinggraneries  #pickingrocks #sleepallnightlong

This farm house is an example of  a design element that I am very fond of and that is a shingle exterior. I have designed and built a number of shingle houses in my time including the 1997 PNE Prize Home and the Dutch colonial whole house renovation Nancy and I built in Fort Langley. I think there is a softness to the exterior the shingles bring. It sort of says “home”.

The entry to this home says “welcome” as owners and visitors make their way down the flagstone stairs.

The location of this patio at the end of the house, some of it covered, allows for relaxing in the deck chairs and taking in the view of the lake and the foliage beyond – just starting to turn colour.

I’m glad to see there are lots of covered areas on the outside areas. It’s not always sunny, even when it’s warm. The covered patios allow for sitting out, even if it raining a little bit.

More exterior seating to take in the views. If you look down at the grass there is a canoe there and storage located underneath the far deck that is hidden by the lattice.

A great view from the lake back up to the house. The low bank allows for easy lake access.

This view shows the dock, for the boat and dock lounging.

Another view of the lake side of the house. Low bank, easy access to the water.

A warm and casual living room with the fire keeping it cheery. The stone fireplace is great.   

A very workable kitchen, with an island and bar height seating. The corner windows pull your eye to the view outside.

Kitchen looking out to the dining area and through the windows to outside.

Powder room with window seat                                                             Staircase to second floor

Upper Floor Bedroom                                                                                  Main Floor Circulation. Note the beam ceiling

Family Room seating and circulation                                                          Views to open stairwell and kitchen

I was kind of curious about this home and it’s location. So I did some searching  and….This is the point the house is located on. The image beside this one is some of the fresh produce available at local markets.

Local railway bridge, no longer in use.                 An old image of the local town. This location is steeped in history.

If you ever were shipped off to camp as a kid during the summer, as I was, these images remind me of my time spent at Hatzic Lake, near Mission B.C. I was 9 or 10 years old and got to spend a week there sleeping in an old cabin with bunk beds. We spent our days eating, swimming in the lake, learning how to paddle a boat and sing around the campfire at night. The camp shown here in the pictures was on Lake Fairlee, same as the house, and because it was also reasonably close to New York City, kids used to travel to the camp and spend time there during the summer. Vacation spots and summer camps are way more than just places to stay, they give us the memories and experiences we keep and use for the rest of our lives. At least mine did.

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